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Inheritance Tax - Estate Planning Solution


Providing peace of mind when planning for a growing legacy, free from inheritance tax


Secure full Inheritance Tax relief after only two years

Full Inheritance Tax (IHT) relief after only two years (when held at death), by investing in shares within an IHT relief qualifying company


Transparent structure with zero fees

No lock in period, no entry fees, and no exit fees. Administered by Consortium Investment Management, an FCA regulated fund manager


Low volatility and high security

Investments are fully backed by legal charges over property and strong commercial assets, and managed in a risk averse manner by an experienced team


Welcome to Regatta

Regatta Financial Solutions works with your financial, legal and tax advisors to provide peace of mind when planning for a growing legacy, free from inheritance tax.


We provide development capital on a short-term basis for property developments and corporate borrowers. Loans are secured against UK residential property and commercial assets, and our strategy ensures a secure return to investors in a tax-efficient structure, in order to mitigate Inheritance Tax (IHT). 

Wealth preservation is at the forefront of our investment strategy, offering security and diversification, whilst seeking capital growth. You benefit from 100% inheritance tax relief when you hold your investment for at least two years and at death.


We offer a straightforward approach to delivering investment opportunities that provide strong risk-adjusted returns. We believe in simplicity, conducting transactions using clear and concise language, with honesty and integrity at the heart of our business.


Providing secured lending to corporate and SME property developers in the residential, social housing and commercial sectors, our secured, asset backed lending delivers a robust legacy for future generations, by utlising the current HMRC Business Relief (BR) legislation.


We're here to help...

If you are a private investor, financial adviser, tax advisor, or legal professional, please call us on +44 (0)20 3858 7175, or email us at

Thanks! We will get back to you ASAP.

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