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Our Solutions offer a straightforward approach to wealth preservation.

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Investment Options

Regatta Financial Solutions targets an annual investor return of between 6% and 8% net of fees.


We have two core investment options.


Growth Investment

By way of capital shares that target a return of 8% per annum, paid on exit, net of costs and fees.


Income Investment

By way of preference shares that provide a 6% per annum dividend paid annually, net of costs and fees.

Who can benefit?

Business Owners

We help business owners who wish to maintain or improve tax efficiency, either within their existing business or following the sale of their company. We can help if: a business has excess capital and the owner is concerned that it may not qualify for certain tax reliefs; if the business has realised a capital gain; or if the business has been sold and the previous owner wishes to maintain IHT efficiency.


Our services seek to provide relief from IHT, whilst allowing investors to maintain control over their capital. Backed by Business Relief legislation, HNW / Sophisticated investors / advised clients should be able to pass capital to their beneficiaries with 100% IHT relief, as long as they have held the shares for at least two years at the time of death.

Trust Beneficiaries

On establishment and throughout the lifetime of a discretionary, trust tax charges may apply. Business Relief qualifying investments can help settlors and trustees to reduce tax charges at each of the four stages where a charge could arise: no entry charge or chargeable lifetime transfer; no charge upon death; no periodic charge; and no exit charge.

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