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We are experts in delivering a secure return to investors, in order to mitigate Inheritance Tax.

A little about us


With short-term lending in the UK property market in high demand, we have developed a strategy that puts wealth preservation at the forefront, providing development capital for property developments and corporate borrowers, thus delivering a secure return to investors in a tax-efficient structure, in order to mitigate Inheritance Tax.


Our secured, asset backed lending utilises the current HMRC Business Relief (BR) legislation, and working alongside key partners, we provide investment diversification and a robust legacy for future generations.


We support business owners, individuals and trust beneficiaries, offering growth and income investment solutions that target an annual investor return of between 6% and 8% net of fees.


Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind when planning for a growing legacy, working hard with your money to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns, free from inheritance tax.

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